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Disoccupazione come opportunità

Being Unemployed Is the Time to Get Prepared For Better Futures

Posted by  | December 7, 2012 | Article
In the present job market scenario, even those who have been at their jobs for long are very uncertain as nobody has any sort of job security and being unemployed can happen to you at any time of your life. When you become unemployed you have to face some of the toughest challenges of your life and you will be under constant pressure. You will be baffled in thinking how you are going to pay your bills, how and where to find the next job and how you can prevent yourself falling apart and getting into a mental and physical whirlwind that may bring the inevitable doom to you and your family.
But this is the time that you must take all the courage and hope to pass off the difficult times and be more creative and more daring in seeking ways to end the current stage of impasse in your life. Being unemployedis not a pleasant thing unless you have something to fall back on. Still you must not lose hope that all is lost. You must take this in such way that one stage of your life has come to an end and you are on your way for the next one.  You can use the period of your unemployment as a period of preparation for getting better opportunities.  Now, there are many free skills one can learn to be equipped for a bigger and more responsible position in your life than you were holding till now.

While you remain being unemployed  you have got many important things to do that will better  your chances in finding the right type of job and  some of these include
  • Create or revamp your profile: this is the time to take stock of all your qualifications and the professional knowledge you have gathered so far in your line of activity and bring them together in the form of a good profile. The profile you are preparing now must be able to make yourself a hot and much sought after commodity in the job market. This will help you at all times in your life as it is the basis on which you will be launching your job hunt not only for the next job but also for the other jobs that you will be searching in future.

  • Getting into the network is the most essential way of getting gainfully employed soon and for this you must spend more time during this phase of being unemployed to get to know more people who can help you find the job you want

  • Must keep your skills intact and sharpened is necessary as you have to retain your skills and improve on them to become more focused and more relevant to the changing times.

  • Work on debt consolidation is a must for all those being unemployed and this must be done well in advance before you fall short of your payments and your creditors will be happy to help you.

  •  Stay motivated is very important in passing off the phase of being unemployed and this is the one thing that will propel you to your new life in spite of all your difficult times.
Thus, take control of yourself and focus more on things that have to be done to improve your chances of getting employed soon. Do not let your mind drift into anxiety and panic which many persons do when they are being employed for longer times.

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