domenica 20 settembre 2009

Se ne parla all'estero: cosa deve fare un venditore ?

Sul sito ho trovato queste indicazioni, e mi piacerebbe ragionarci sopra:

Working in sales? Don't make these 5 common career mistakes

Do you work in sales? Have you considered a career in sales? Here are some tips to follow that can be helpful if you are just starting a career in sales or if you are look for ways to improve your sales skills from Skip Anderson, founder and president of Selling to Consumers. Anderson works with companies that sell in retail and other consumer markets to help them maximize their results. He is also the author of the Sales Training to Sell More blog.
Here are some tips from Anderson:
1. Overlook non-sales responsibilities Especially in straight commission positions, salespeople get paid to sell. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have other duties as well. Attendance at sales meetings, clerical duties, trade shows, and other tasks may be required even though compensation is based solely upon sales performance.
2. Use your sales manager only for problems Most sales managers are energized by helping their sales teams in challenging situations. But many salespeople rely on sales managers only when there’s a customer service issue or problem. But skilled sales managers can help strategize how to penetrate an account, how to close the sale, or how to handle a particular prospect’s personality.
3. Only attend company-sponsored sales training Companies usually perform some kind of sales training, whether it is ongoing sales meetings, special sales seminars, or online training. But many salespeople make the mistake of thinking that sales training is their employer’s responsibility. It’s not. If you’re a career salesperson, the development of your professional skills is your responsibility, and something that you will be able to use for the rest of your career. Hiring a sales coach, attending webinars, or reading sales books is an excellent way to advance your career, but the responsibility is on your shoulders, not your employer’s.
4. Leave early every Friday Some outside salespeople only work 4.5 days per week because they’ve gotten in the habit of knocking off at noon on Friday’s. Beware. Missing one-tenth of the work week can spell disaster for a sales career.
5. Confuse meetings for selling Meeting with someone isn’t necessarily selling. A salesperson can easily waste week after week with meetings and networking activities, but with absolutely no selling going on. Meetings are great IF they move you closer to a sale. If they’re just calendar fillers, though, they’re a waste of time. Keep your eye on the prize: the sale!

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